How Many Users Does Instagram Have

How Many Users Does Instagram Have

Instagram is one amongst the top-performing apps which can beyond any doubt grow even additional within the years to return. Let’s take a glance at the FAQs concerning the meteoric rise of this photo-sharing platform and uncover all the facts and stats behind its success.

1. what percentage Instagram monthly active users are there?

Launched in 2010, Instagram has skyrocketed into fame reaching one billion monthly users in June 2018. This places the platform because the third most well liked network right behind Facebook (2 billion monthly active users) and YouTube (1.9 billion monthly active users).

2. what percentage Instagram daily active users are there?

Instagram has a formidable user base; over 1/2 all monthly users (500 million) use the platform on a daily basis. No surprise it’s one amongst the popular networks for businesses and social media promoting agencies alike.

3. what percentage active users on Instagram Stories are there?

The Instagram user base grows apace in the main as a result of the platform unendingly introduces new options like Instagram Stories. In Jan 2019, Stories have hit the five hundred million daily users mark that is an unbelievable hike from the one hundred million users in June 2018. Besides it’s extremely entertaining for the individual users, this feature is game-changing for marketers because it permits them to create anticipation, showcase the product and services in an interesting method, drive traffic, and more.

4. can the Instagram user growth continue?

The short answer is—yes! in step with eMarketer’s analysis, Instagram can have 26.9 million users be part of the platform by 2020 that is nearly double the projected growth of different social media platforms.

5. who uses Instagram the most?

According to Instagram demographics , the 18-34 cluster uses Instagram the foremost. they create for over 1/2 Instagram’s active accounts worldwide! This doesn’t come back as a surprise, considering Instagram is already a vital a part of period culture and continues to thrive. the most important people of Instagram’s user base is 25-34, that accounts for 32% of total users.

6. What’s the amount of Instagram users among teenagers?

While adults structure the biggest portion of the full range of Facebook users , teenagers like Instagram. In fact, 51% of teens have a Facebook account, 32% have a Twitter account, however a thumping 72% of them are on Instagram. Another well-liked social media platform—which is really a video-sharing app—is YouTube that is employed by 85% of teenagers.

7. what percentage folks are on Instagram among young adults?

Instagram could also be the third most used social media platform however it definitely is that the most well-liked app for young adults. The Facebook-owned app is employed by 67% of 18- to 29-year-olds. this suggests that the magnitude relation of adult Insta users has enhanced by 400% since the start of Pew’s analysis in 2012.

8. What’s the Instagram range of users among adults?

Although additional fashionable the younger demographic, 60% of adults are currently exploitation Instagram that is up from 26% in Sept 2014. This range conjointly will increase for US-based users. Today, 35% of them use Instagram that is up from 28% in 2016.

9. What’s the quantity of users on Instagram worldwide?

With 116 million users, the us is that the leader once it involves the quantity of Instagrammers. india comes second with seventy three million users, followed by Brazil with seventy two million users. state and Russia have sixty million and forty two million of Insta users, severally.

10. What’s the Instagram user base outside the US?

A picture is value thousand words—cliché however true. Instagram has established that footage simply cross language barriers. though the us leads the method with quite 116 million users, 80% of the app’s user base is found outside the States.

11. What do folks use Instagram for?

With Instagram’s quality on the increase, folks have started victimisation it to tune into the most recent trends. As a result, businesses have started sound the potential of Instagram to create a robust on-line presence and market their merchandise and services. in step with the most recent Instagram promoting statistics , 60% of users use the platform to get a brand new product with 75% of them taking action.

12. international Instagram usage: what gender uses the platform more?

On a world level, girls use Instagram quite men. Still, though Instagram is understood as an app beloved in the main by girls, there’s no large discrepancy. Namely, there are 51% feminine and 49% male users worldwide.

13. Men vs. Women: who uses Instagram additional within the US?

I nstagram statistics for 2019 show that ladies in America tend to use the app quite men. the majority of Instagrammers within the u. s., or 56.3%, are feminine whereas men account for 43.7%. girls lead by 3,300,000 among the 35-44 demographic group.

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